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boottest is a S3 method that allows for fast wild cluster bootstrap inference for objects of class lm, fixest and felm by implementing the fast wild bootstrap algorithm developed in Roodman et al., 2019.


boottest(object, ...)



An object of type lm, fixest, felm or ivreg


other arguments


An object of class boottest.

Setting Seeds

To guarantee reproducibility, you can either use boottest()'s seed function argument, or set a global random seed via

  • set.seed() when using

    1. the lean algorithm (via boot_algo = "R-lean"), 2) the heteroskedastic wild bootstrap

    2. the wild cluster bootstrap via boot_algo = "R" with Mammen weights or 4) boot_algo = "WildBootTests.jl"

  • dqrng::dqset.seed() when using boot_algo = "R" for Rademacher, Webb or Normal weights


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